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Every animal is unique and special. All animals have feelings; they dream and they suffer. Our duty as human beings is to understand their language, love them and protect them. We are a window of communication for a new world that is being born, for a new consciousness that expands its message of compassion to the planet Earth, to all living beings, and to ourselves. We will be the voice for those who help us understand that animals have thoughts, emotions and consciousness. The path of the heart has begun, and nothing can stop it…

PG01_Animal communication

In this first program Laila del Monte briefly describes the purpose of animal communication which is to perceive the feelings of the animals, to know what their needs are, and to allow the guardians to start on a path of inner evolution, to finally understand the essence of animals.

PG02_Animal consciousness

What is animal consciousness? Laila del Monte answers this question in this second program of the DevDan.Tv series. Animals have emotions and thoughts; they are aware of their environment and of their own self. Through the extraordinary story of a cow and its calves, recounted in the first person, Laila shows us the depth of animal consciousness and the long path we have to follow to truly understand its dimension.

PG03_Awareness of death

Are animals aware of death? Laila del Monte speaks to us on this occasion about farm animals, and the awareness they have of death. She describes the case of a white cow that is lying on the ground. A veterinary friend asked Laila to help the cow, and what happens next is surprising.

PG04_Awareness of death

 In this fourth program of DevDan.Tv, Laila del Monte continues to deal with the subject of death and the awareness that animals have of it. She recounts the case of some gorillas who behave tenderly before a dead companion; another example is that of the Spanish veterinarian, Diego Lopez, who presents the marvelous case of horses that react in a surprising manner to the imminent death of one of them.

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